What is Sustainability?

The Nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value.
— President Theodore Roosevelt
Since granted statehood in 1845, Florida has represented wonderful opportunities to live, work and play for generations. In the last 60 years, we have experience incredible population growth which is expected to continue. This continued growth will put additional pressures on our ecosystem.The future availability of natural resources and a clean and healthy environment are essential to us all.
Our collective ability to address environmental and social issues depends on having a strong and vibrant economy. Sustainable Florida helps to drive the future prosperity of Florida’s economy, environment and quality of life through its work with individuals, organizations, corporations and government.
With Sustainable Florida, an alliance that promotes adoption of sustainable development principles, organizations in public and private sectors can begin their efforts to improve their triple bottom line.
We can each make a meaningful contribution toward creating a sustainable Florida.
Sometimes it’s easier to highlight examples of sustainable practices than it is trying to explain what it means to be sustainable. Hopefully the resources provided on this page will encourage you to formally adopt and implement similar practices.
If you are interested in better understanding how you can live in a more sustainable manner or want to help lead your organization to a greener side of life, please check out these pages. Sustainable Florida has several education, awards and training programs. The Century Commission focuses on major public policy matters and welcomes your input.
To help you get started, be sure to review how you can become sustainable at home, business or government.
  • Home – Starting at home, when you travel, go to work, grocery shop and eat out, you can help. Even when you invest and volunteer you are making a difference.
  • Business – Many businesses are demonstrating that environmentally- sound business practices makes good economic sense. They are improving product quality and production efficiency, reducing energy needs, and minimizing the costs associated with pollution.
  • Goverment – government can promote markets while providing increased accountability for limited tax revenue. Learn about certification and more.
Showcasing Sustainability