Sustainable Florida Standards Pledge

Pledge to Adopt
Sustainable Florida Standards
Sustainable Florida – Collins Center developed the following standards with the assistance of hundreds of individuals and business across the state. Adopt and implement these principles and you are on your way to becoming a sustainable business. See who has taken the pledge.
Sustainable Florida Standards

1. State Your Values – Identify your principles and goals in a public statement

2. Be Involved – Make a commitment to citizen involvement, collaborative approaches, and community partnerships.

3. Promote Stewardship – Be a leader on environmental quality and resource conservation.

4. Meet People’s Needs – Promote opportunity, equity, and improved quality of life.

5. Manage for Sustainability – Adopt best management practices, systems and new technologies.

6. Generate a Fair Return – Sustain your program through productivity and efficiency.
Taking the pledge shows you care about Florida’s future and will do your part to create a more sustainable Florida. Complete the form below and we’ll send you a web button to show your commitment! It’s free.