Angela Spence

As leader of Hertz Corporation’s Corporate Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusion program, Angela Spence is responsible for creating value and reducing risk for the company as it pertains to its environmental and community impact, and leveraging sustainability to create a competitive advantage for Hertz. Additionally she leads Hertz’s diversity and inclusion management practice focused on culture, talent and marketplace initiatives.

In 2014, Angela joined Hertz to help develop and lead the corporate responsibility program. Angela works to minimize Hertz’s impact as a company and plays a key role in developing new practices. Spence started her career at the City of Champaign in 2010 as a sustainability coordinator and later went on to work at VF Corporation (North Face, Timberland, Vans, etc.) as a sustainability + responsibility analyst. At VF she held responsibility in social responsibility and community engagement with accomplishments such as launching the first volunteer day for the corporate office, establishing an internal CSR collaboration portal, and contributing to VF”s first CSR report. Angela received her BS in environmental policy from The Ohio State University and is currently working on a Masters in Strategic Communication from Purdue University. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her husband and almost one year old baby, Cate.

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Angela Spence
Corporate Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusion Program
Hertz Corporation